Here in The Queen Vic we have a small range of inexpensive items for sale that our guests purchase for their own use or to give as gifts on their return home.

Make your friends envious of you when you tell them what a great time you had staying with us, and you give them a memento

The Queen Vic Polo Shirt

The Queen Vic Polo Shirt!Polo Shirt Logo



Our Very Popular Teapot, Cup & Saucer Combination


The Queen Victoria Inn Baseball Cap

170 Bt

Cigarette Lighter, overprinted with the Queen Vic

Just 20 Bt.


Beer Cooler, generally called a Condom

Just 20 Bt

For the more discerning amongst you, the Zippered, Tailored sponge Beer Cooler

200 Bt...for the extra comfort, feel and grip!


Available from 500 Bt upwards.

We accept the following cards for payment in The Queen Victoria Inn.


Ask at reception or Vic for details.

Give them to friends or donate one to the Charity Club of Pattaya!