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We had an evening sponsored by

John Smiths and Strongbow

The Queen Victoria Inn had seven times World Professional Snooker Champion - Stephen Hendry for an evening of entertainment on Thursday May 22nd.

Stephen Hendry arrived a little earlier than expected and was greeted with a big round of applause without Mike, who was acting as Master of Ceremonies for the evening, asking for a welcome.

(Thanks Mike - you did a magnificent job!)

He immediately went to the pool table and played several games with those present, including Pattaya's new Mayor, Khun Ittipol. The pool area was packed with spectators, as indeed was the rest of the Queen Vic. Standing room only was the order of the evening with over 150 people attending. A large number were outside looking through the windows as well.

After playing pool for almost an hour Stephen entered the main area of the Queen Vic where he sat down signing autographs and signed a number of special Thailand Roadshow shirts. He was quite happy to shake as many hands as were thrust his way, and pose with people for photographs. He needed no prompting to go behind the bar area with all the staff, and Vic & Jane, of the Queen Vic to pose for a group photograph.

Stephen signing shirts

Stephen & Vic

Vic, Stephen & The Mayor of Pattaya

Stephen and the Mayor, with Mike (MC)

A follower of Stephen.

Alan Bolton, a regular in the Vic

During the evening all Strongbow and John Smiths were reduced in price (a barrel of each had been donated by Rob of Fluid Asia Pacific for the event) and everyone who bought either of these drinks was given a raffle ticket.

Stephen left later than scheduled after spending time answering questions and meeting people.
After Stephen left the raffle tickets were drawn to distribute the signed shirts. An impromptu auction was held after one customer asked to buy one of the shirts. As Kevin Fisher, of Charity Club fame, was in attendance, and people were made aware of the little girl who fell in a fire, the auction was very well supported. The first shirt raised the unbelievable sum of 15,000 Bt, and the total raised was 34,600 Bt.

Unfortunately Christine and Malcolm Boden of the Charity Club of Pattaya were unable to attend to participate in the auction proceedings but they were extremely pleased to hear how well Mike had performed in raising such a large sum.

Stephen Hendry with Pattaya's Mayor Khun Ittapol, Deputy Mayor Wirawat, and Vic.

We would like to express our gratitude to Rob Murray, of Fluid Asia Pacific - the importers of John Smiths and Strongbow, who collaborated with John Smiths in the UK to bring the Stephen Hendry Roadshow to the Queen Vic. Thanks also to Rob for donating a barrel of Strongbow.


To all of you who attended that night we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. If you have any photographs that you would like to be displayed on our web site please send them to us.


Here in The Queen Victoria Inn we have installed, at great expense, a satellite system to provide you with excellent sports viewing capability. Eight sports channels, five television screens, one large screen, all ensure that you can see your choice of sport.

Whatever your sport If it's on - it's on our screens


Sit yourself down in the comfort of our bar, enjoy a drink and a meal whilst watching your favourite sport.



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